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We work very hard for our customers because nothing pleases us more than helping our clients acheive the dream of affordable home ownership. We want to add you to our list of very satisfied customers.

Read what others have said about working with us:

"I would definitely recommend Jann Van Heuver to anyone looking for a loan. She made the process easy for me. I felt I was in good hands."

- ~Rita W.
San Francisco, CA | February 16, 2011

"Thank you very much for getting the deal done. Your tenacity, commitment and professionalism are of the highest standard. I will contact you in the future for my next real estate transaction and definitely recommend you to others."

- ~Ken G.
San Francisco, CA | February 16, 2011

"Having recently moved to California to start a new job after finishing studying, we lacked a long credit and employment history. Jann was still able to secure us a decent loan in a very short time. Her enthusiasm, knowledge, and experience allowed us to get approved in a matter of days and we were able to submit a successful bid on the property we wanted. Jann made herself always available and took the time to explain each step to us along the way, this was particularly useful for first time buyers as we were. I would not hesitate to recommend Jann for helping others in acquiring a new home loan."

- ~Evan & Margot S.
San Francisco, CA | February 16, 2011

"Jann, thanks so much for your help in explaining so clearly and concisely the steps in getting the loan to buy our house. Your encouragement without being unrealistic was so helpful in really assessing what we were able to do financially. You take care of the many details of assembling all the paperwork and the process of getting everything prepared. If and when a friend or colleague needs help with assessing if they can get a loan I will certainly refer them to you."

- ~Philippa G. & Steven T.
San Francisco, CA | February 16, 2011

"I was referred to Jann by a close friend whom I trust. We found Jann to be knowledgeable about every aspect of our loans. She was always available and responsive and Susan and I agree that she was a delight to deal with. She obviously worked hard to secure excellent financing for us with great terms. We found Jann to be honest and caring and will highly recommend her!"

- ~Charles G. & Susan G.
San Francisco, CA | February 16, 2011

Stefani's excessive organization, knowledge, networks, etc. inspires such confidence. Also, Stefani's sense of humor really helped me survive the tense moments. Stefani's service (her "above and beyond approach") is above reproach! She is outstanding in all aspects of service! Thank you for a uniquely satisfying experience. Needless to say, working with amounts of money this large can be unsettling. What a help to have a calm, poised, professional presence like Stefani!!!

- ~K.B.
San Mateo, CA | February 16, 2011

Stefani really stayed on her toes with everything. She returned phone calls immediately and she made the process easy.

- ~S.Q.
Redwood City, CA | February 16, 2011

I appreciate you so much!!! Thank you for the awesome job you always do and for always being ready to leap into action and make things happen. Your "high standards" of doing business have me spoiled.

- ~V.T.
Woodside, CA | February 16, 2011

We can't thank you enough for helping us buy our first home. You helped us when even we didn't think it was possible. Cheers to you this Thanksgiving. We have much to be thankful for. With Sincerest Gratitude,

- ~S.M. and A.V.
La Honda, CA | February 16, 2011

Stefani was very proactive and efficient. She notified us every step of the way. We feel so fortunate to have met Stefani. She was so quick in structuring our loan, so patient with our questions and needs and always professional.

- ~C.G. and J.G.
San Mateo, CA | February 16, 2011

Stefani was right on top of everything.

- ~A.G. and M.G.
San Marcos, CA | February 16, 2011

Stefani was always available to answer my questions. As a first time homeowner, this made a scary process very easy for me.

- ~K.M.
Redwood Shores, CA | February 16, 2011

Stefani explained clearly the process for first time buyers such as ourselves. She returned e-mails and calls with equal promptness. She was professional in all areas.

- ~F.G. and M.G.
Mountain View, CA | February 16, 2011

Stuart Davis came highly recommended from our realtor, Liat Bostick. Working with him on our purchase in North Oakland was a delight. Stuart is well mannered, honest, and a pleasure to work with. He takes the time to explain the nuances of available loans, and was able to match and then beat the offerings of other brokers. This certainly made the process easier to stomach -- we'd work with him again.

- ~Joel M.
Oakland, CA | February 16, 2011

As I first time home buyer, I didn't know much about the process and it all seemed quite overwhelming. Stuart took the time to explain the various financing options to me so we could determine which mortgage made the most sense for my personal financial situation. He made the process much less daunting than I was expecting. Stuart was well informed about interest rate trends, so he timed it right and I ended up with a great rate and got the house I wanted with a lower payment than I had anticipated.

- ~Ellen G.
Oakland, CA | February 16, 2011

Big kudos to Susan O'Driscoll, loan officer extraordinaire. I can always depend on her to do the very best she can for everyone I send her way. She's honest, sincere and very straightforward. I know that if it's something she has to research, she will get right on it and find a way to make it happen. I certainly wouldn't be as successful without her dedication! Thank you.

- ~MT, Coldwell Banker Realtor
Half Moon Bay, CA | March 15, 2011

I just wanted to let you know that the transaction on our new house went through very smoothly. We got the keys Tuesday and are happy homeowners now! I also have to tell you that the seller, AND the seller's Realtor were very impressed with your work and made it a point to tell me how easy the transaction was, thanks to you.

- ~CC
Half Moon Bay, CA | March 15, 2011

Susan did a great job. We made things difficult for her and she came through for us with flying colors!

- ~WL
Half Moon Bay, CA | March 15, 2011

Susan kept us informed and was willing to work towards a lower interest rate for us in these crazy credit times. Thank you.

- ~EH
Houston, CA | March 15, 2011

Susan made every step of the way easy for us to understand and painless. I have already referred several friends to Susan, and will continue to do so in the future.

- ~BO
Half Moon Bay, CA | March 15, 2011

Susan was very patient and extremely informative. She made what we thought would be a very stressful situation a very educational and seemingly smoother transaction.

- ~CW
Half Moon Bay, CA | March 15, 2011

Susan kept me informed each step along the way and returned calls in a timely manner. I was anxious, as I had JUST lost a deposit on another transaction with my previous lender when they fell very short. Susan picked up the pieces and we were on our way!

- ~BK
Half Moon Bay, CA | March 15, 2011

Susan was the reason did not get my business. She did a fantastic job!

- ~NW
Half Moon Bay, CA | March 15, 2011

After running into some unethical treatment at a competing firm, I was referred to Susan by a close personal friend and Realtor. She quickly turned by bad experience into a tolerable one; you can count on our future business and referrals.

- ~CR
Half Moon Bay, CA | March 15, 2011

What a relief! I cannot believe how complicated this process has been, with all of the changes in the lending industry this year. We could not have done it without you. Thank you for all your help!

- ~DB
Half Moon Bay, CA | March 15, 2011

It was a pleasure working with Tisha. She is a very friendly person, and extremely helpful and knowledgeable in her work. She took the time to meet my needs and explain everything in detail, as I was a first time home-buyer. Tisha made the experience a good one. The whole process went quickly and easily. I recommend Tisha and her expertise to anyone looking for a respectable and trustworthy loan consultant.

- ~Robin R.
Elk Grove, CA | March 17, 2011

Tisha Shafer is a ROCK! In a world filled with people "JUST TRYING TO MAKE A BUCK," Tisha is informed, up to date and-most of all---honest. I have worked with Tisha for 10 years and I've grown to trust her implicitly. Trust is personal; and Tisha has mine because I know she wants, what I want. When I ask questions, she gives me answers. I get the "PRO's & CON's" even if it means she might lose the deal. That keeps me coming back.

- ~JL, TV News Anchor
Elk Grove, CA | March 22, 2011

"Dear Dimitri Timm,

My husband and I, along with our realtor, began the search for our dream home in 2005. We viewed many homes, and spent countless hours searching on MLS, until we finally found the perfect home in Felton. We fell in love with this home and relied on you, Dimitri Timm with Princeton Capital, to provide our loan.

During our search for a home we established a strong relationship with you. You proved to be very knowledgeable about all loan products and completely patient with our questions and concerns. You spent a lot of time educating us about all of our options, and when it came time to choose the loan that fit us best, we comfortable with our choice. We had full confidence in you and complete trust and were thrilled when our loan was approved.

Dimitri, your patience and perseverance was appreciated. Your hard work and professionalism helped us secure our dream home and we will be happy here for many years to come. We will gladly refer you to all of our family and friends."

- ~J.&M. Carrington
Aptos, CA | March 22, 2011

"I always felt that he had our best interests in mind."

- ~A.M.
Aptos, CA | March 23, 2011

"Good communication."

- ~J.J.E.
Aptos, CA | March 23, 2011

"Dimitri was in daily contact/feedback."

- ~D.S.
Aptos, CA | March 23, 2011

"Dimitri is very knowledgeable and is willing to give information on a wide variety of topics."

- ~G. O'Neal
Aptos, CA | March 23, 2011

"Dimitri was a delight to work with he was prompt, explained things clearly & our Refinance went through seamlessly!"

- ~M.T. Bordner
Aptos, CA | March 23, 2011

"Dimitri is very proactive-anticipated possible issues and gave solutions."

- ~C. O'Neal
Aptos, CA | March 23, 2011

"Dimitri Timm kept us well informed during the entire process. He was consistently positive, pro-active and effective."

- ~J & P Kiersted
Aptos, CA | March 23, 2011

"Everything went smooth and Dimitri was Professional, he was awesome to work with."

- ~J & B Gutierrez
Aptos, CA | March 23, 2011

"Excellent Prompt communication as to the loan process status"

- ~R. Beal
Aptos, CA | March 23, 2011

"Dimitri was always very prompt in returning calls & notifying any change in the loan status, Communication is very important in the loan process and Dimitri was excellent."

- ~M. Kiselow
Aptos, CA | March 23, 2011

"Process was fast and Dimitri was very good with overall communication."

- ~D. Duril
Aptos, CA | March 23, 2011

"Dimitri was very professional and took the time to explain the loan process in an understandable manner. When I had a question he responded promptly by phone or email."

- ~C. Scott
Aptos, CA | March 23, 2011

"I liked that Dimitri really seemed happy for us, and I felt like he supported us."

- ~C & J Brown
Aptos, CA | March 23, 2011

- Brad Dodge
Los Gatos, CA | May 15, 2012

- Elizabeth Everitt
Menlo Park, CA | May 23, 2012

- Ryan Nordby
Folsom, CA | May 23, 2012

- Stuart Davis
Oakland, CA | May 23, 2012

- Vance Riddle
Saratoga, CA | June 26, 2012

- Sue Baker-Dirickson
Cupertino, CA | June 26, 2012

- Roseanna Riddle
San Jose, CA | June 26, 2012

- Dan Samera
Vacaville, CA | June 26, 2012

- Peter Phillippe
Sebastopol, CA | June 26, 2012

- Arnie von Massenhausen
San Jose, CA | June 26, 2012

- Tim Mikulin
Elk Grove, CA | June 26, 2012

- Mike Lightfoot
Fair Oaks, CA | June 26, 2012

- Tisha Shaffer
Elk Grove, CA | June 26, 2012

- Chris Mathews
Danville, CA | June 26, 2012

- Geoff Prettyman
Greenbrae, CA | June 27, 2012

- Vicki Fargo
El Dorado, CA | June 27, 2012

- Jim Sullivan
Los Gatos , CA | July 12, 2012

- Renee Morgan
Los Gatos, CA | July 12, 2012

- Kristy Ruhkala
Roseville, CA | July 12, 2012

- Joe Lima
Saratoga, CA | July 12, 2012

- Camille DuPuis
San Jose, CA | July 12, 2012

- Dimitri Timm
Aptos, CA | July 12, 2012

- Eric Taggesell
Santa Rosa, CA | July 12, 2012

- Dennis Greene
Burlingame, CA | July 12, 2012

- Sean Sullivan
Los Altos, CA | July 12, 2012

- Kenneth Lee
Fremont , CA | July 24, 2012

- Joe Patterson
Morgan Hill, CA | July 25, 2012

- Tiffany A. Doyle
Morgan Hill , CA | July 25, 2012

- Lacey Sullivan
Gilroy, CA | July 26, 2012

- Corey Wilson
Orinda, CA | August 07, 2012

- Greg Vanslow
Los Altos, CA | August 09, 2012

- Kim Pettigrew
Castro Valley, CA | August 09, 2012

- Tammie Trinh
Menlo Park , CA | August 20, 2012

- Andrea's Happy clients and Realtor
San Francisco, CA | September 06, 2012

- Melanie Dickman
Los Gatos, CA | September 27, 2012

- Peter Keller
Palo Alto, CA | October 09, 2012

- Kevin Beard
Sacramento, CA | May 07, 2013

- Stefani Hartsell
San Carlos, CA | January 03, 2013

- Stefani Hartsell
San Mateo North, CA | January 03, 2013

- Chris Leichus
Fair Oaks, CA | January 11, 2013

- Caroline Wolf
Palo Alto, CA | January 15, 2013

- Andrea Lanier
San Francisco, CA | January 29, 2013

- Jann Van Heuver
San Francisco, CA | April 22, 2013

- Tony Cota
San Jose, CA | March 09, 2016

- Kathy Chang
San Francisco, CA | April 01, 2014

- Kelly Vogel
Los Gatos, CA | August 15, 2014

- Mike Candau
Petaluma, CA | August 27, 2014

Thanks Kelly it has been such a pleasure working with you. I have not only found a good loan officier but also found a true friend. I didn't have to worry about anything because you were so efficient and right on top of everything. I am truly blessed. Regards,

- ~ Debbie McNulty
Morgan Hill, CA | September 17, 2014

We loved working with Kelly, she is very knowledgeable and helped us with every question and every concern! She was always keeping us informed and helped us fully understand everything. We will definitely be recommending Kelly and Princeton Capital to our friends and family. We felt like she did as much as she could and even went out of her way to help us and make us feel comfortable.

- ~ Dan P. McNulty
Los Gatos, CA | September 18, 2014

- Reggie Price
Los Gatos, CA | October 03, 2014

- Theresa Phillips
Walnut Creek, CA | November 14, 2014

- Hon Akao
Los Gatos, CA | April 10, 2015

- Lupe Kinsella
Sacramento - Retail Location, CA | April 22, 2015

We recently had the pleasure of working with Ruth Mitchell of Princeton Capital to purchase a new home. Ruth was responsive, diligent and professional throughout the process. We truly felt like she was on our side and held our hand throughout the loan process. She was creative and helped work with us throughout the approval process to make sure that we understood everything going on so that we had a clean loan application. She was far and away more competent and efficient than the banks I had worked with in the past to finance my first home. We ended up closing a week early and I can’t say enough great things about her!

- ~ L. C.
Hayward, CA | August 31, 2015

James was a pleasure to work with from the very first phone call! He was quick to respond with any questions I had along the way, and he always kept me in the loop. He delivered on his initial quote, and when there was a slight bump in the road during underwriting regarding the minimum required down payment, James was able to get it sorted out so we could proceed and still close on time! I highly recommend James and his team for your next refinance or purchase loan!

- ~ J. L.
Manteca, CA | September 09, 2015

James was very knowledgeable about the loan process and was willing to take the time to walk us through and explain everything in as much detail as we wanted. he was always available or quick to respond to our questions. He went above and beyond our expectations we would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a home loan or refi!

- ~ cwitty614
Roseville, CA | September 09, 2015

- Maryann Salt
Oakland / Berkeley, CA | October 01, 2015

- Remy Daryani
Los Gatos , CA | March 23, 2016

- Gary Chan
San Francisco, CA | April 19, 2016

- Julie Schumer-McMahon
San Carlos, CA | May 03, 2016

- Amber Bickett
Pleasanton, CA | May 06, 2016

- Nancy D'Alessandro
Sacramento - Retail Location, CA | May 18, 2016

- Tammy Cryer
Danville, CA | June 02, 2016

- Gary Clothier
Los Gatos , CA | June 02, 2016

- Dennis Kowalski
San Francisco, CA | June 03, 2016

- Gina Rainey
Greenbrae, CA | June 07, 2016

- Steve M. Bringuel
Burlingame, CA | June 14, 2016

- Frank Monaco Jr.
Elk Grove, CA | July 13, 2016

- Laura Lockerbie
Sebastopol, CA | August 09, 2016

- Mark Stander
Redding, CA | October 24, 2016

- Julie Williams
Los Altos, CA | November 08, 2016

- Uvas Yu
Cupertino, CA | December 08, 2016

- Chad Hawker
Carmel, CA | February 02, 2017

- Lynnette Shaul
Sebastopol, CA | February 08, 2017

- Eileen Horan
Los Gatos, CA | February 13, 2017

- James Clark
Fair Oaks, CA | April 03, 2017

- Glenn Lima
Los Gatos, CA | April 03, 2017

- Phil Rasmussen
Sacramento, CA | April 03, 2017

- Ryan Nordby
Roseville, CA | April 03, 2017

- Michael Anderson
Folsom, CA | April 04, 2017

- Eric Bleth
Novato, CA | April 20, 2017

- Susan O'Driscol
Half Moon Bay, CA | August 09, 2017

- Andrew Grossman
Los Gatos, CA | August 14, 2017

- Brendon Riordan
Los Gatos, CA | August 14, 2017

- Dan Samera
Walnut Creek, CA | August 15, 2017

- Greg Vanslow
Los Altos, CA | August 15, 2017

- Happy Chang
Pleasanton, CA | August 15, 2017

- Kenny Leather
Berkeley, CA | August 16, 2017

- Scott Goodrich
Santa Cruz, CA | August 16, 2017

- Teri Cereghino-Rosa
Menlo Park, CA | August 16, 2017

Ruth Mitchell is an AMAZING loan officer! My husband and I came into this purchase just to 'see' where we stood. Four months later and a ton of hand holding from Ruth; we are purchasing our dream home. I came into this process very self-conscious and completely overwhelmed but having Ruth on my side guiding us and cheering us on has been a Godsend. There really aren't enough ways to thank Ruth for all her support. I say here what I told her, there is a special place in heaven for someone like her. If you are looking for someone that will be honest, reassuring, willing to work 100% with you and truthfully be just as happy as you are, Ruth is the loan officer for you!

- Rheia Alschbach
Ramona, CA | September 28, 2017


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