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This Week’s Market Commentary

This week brings us the release of five pieces of economic data that is relevant to the mortgage markets. However, none of this week's reports are considered to be highly important or potentially market-moving. We should still see come movement in rates this week, but they will likely be small moves. Monday has nothing of importance set for release. September’s Industrial Production data will start the week's activities at 9:15 AM ET Tuesday. This release will give us an indication of manufacturing strength by tracking output at U.S. factories, mines and utilities. Analysts are expecting...

October 16th, 2017 This Week’s Market Commentary

Is A Second Home The New Moneymaker?

As investments go, real estate is either the smartest place in the world to stash your money or the stupidest thing you can do with it – depending on all kinds of things like location, pricing trends, interest rates, condition of the property, and how long you plan to be in it. But what about second homes? How do you know when buying a home for weekend use, vacations, or as a legacy property is a smart choice? “Buying a vacation home or investment property is a great way to expand your real estate portfolio,” said FrontDoor. And, it’s a trend that continues to grow. ...

October 16th, 2017 Is A Second Home The New Moneymaker?

Helping Buyers Make Sure Everything Is Good in the Neighborhood Before They Commit

When it comes to house hunting, "love at first sight" and "love is blind" can often go hand in hand. So many buyers get caught up in the house itself that they don't see the flaws in the surrounding neighborhood (and beyond) until it's too late. Before they decide to "propose" to the object of their desire, encourage your buyers to take a step back, breathe and do some local tire kicking to ensure that the house's beauty is more than skin deep. You can provide a considerable amount of local knowledge - but there is no replacement for your buyers' own feelings on their surroundings. Let them kn...

October 16th, 2017 Helping Buyers Make Sure Everything Is Good in the Neighborhood Before They Commit

How Do You Know How Much To Put Down On A Home?

You’d be a homeowner right now if it weren’t for one thing: the down payment. Right? Even for those who have decent credit and make good money, the down payment is often the great homeownership killer. For many others, who do have enough money set aside to make a substantial down payment, the question is: how much? Conventional wisdom – not to mention most of the banks and a good portion of homebuying and financial experts – will tell you that 20 percent is the standard bearer when it comes to down payments. But is it really necessary to put 20 percent down? The short a...

October 12th, 2017 How Do You Know How Much To Put Down On A Home?

This Week’s Market Commentary

This week brings us the release of four economic reports for the markets to digest over four trading days, most of which is considered important data. In addition to that data, there are two Treasury auctions that certainly have the potential to affect mortgage rates and the minutes from the last FOMC meeting. The bond market will be closed Monday in observance of the Columbus Day holiday as will most banks. The stock markets will be open for trading though. This means that the lenders that are open for business will likely not be issuing new rates Monday, opting to use Friday’s pricing ...

October 9th, 2017 This Week’s Market Commentary

Don’t Fall For the Wrong Home

When you go shopping for homes in the fall, you have some advantages. Buyer traffic has slowed with the start of schools. Sellers who’ve had their homes on the long hot summer market are weary of trying to sell their homes and more willing to drop prices. Your REALTOR(R) has more time for you, and is telling you about good deals in better neighborhoods. But there’s a reason you might be vulnerable to choosing a home too quickly, even though market conditions are more in your favor. You want to get into your new home before the holiday season starts. You’re already under the n...

October 5th, 2017 Don’t Fall For the Wrong Home

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